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New Life Poetic Prayers

Liturgy & Poetry

New Life Poetic Prayers

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New Life Poetic Prayers


[This resource is also included in our EMBODIED Unbound Mini Bundle of resources for Easter]


These 5 short poetic prayers reflect on themes of new life & resurrection in a way that feels personal and intimate. Honest and pure, they imagine what new life truly feels like—for us and for God. We hope you might adapt them for worship or print them as they are for members in your community to read and return to throughout Eastertide.

Prayers written by Sarah Are.

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“God,” I asked, quietly. “After you died, why did you come back?”

“Oh, my child,” God answered.
“Why does the moon return to a dark sky, night after night?”

“Gravity,” I responded, assuming I knew everything. . . 

—Excerpt from "Night After Night"

You rose from the dead.
You rose from the dead, so morning after morning I will rise from my bed
with the hope of loving bigger than the day before,
for the dawn feels more precious in the days after Easter. Doesn’t it?

—Excerpt from "Dawn."

For if your lungs are a garden, then your breath is new life.
And if your breath is life, then I beg you, make my soul Easter. . . 

—Excerpt from "Paint My Scars with Flowers"

Download includes:

  • PDF print-ready file of the prayers (for you to print and distribute to members, or copy/paste for worship liturgy).


  • Print the prayers and distribute them to members in your community

  • Adapt the prayers as your Call to Worship for each Sunday throughout Eastertide

  • Incorporate the prayers into your Easter day liturgy

  • Use the prayers in a bible study group or Sunday school to deepen your reflection on new life/resurrection

  • Use the poetry to inspire your own liturgy and sermon writing

Credit Info:

When printing and sharing online or in worship, please always include the following credits:
Prayers by Sarah Are | A Sanctified Art LLC |


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