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Creative Team

Lisle Gwynn Garrity, Sarah, Are, Hannah Garrity, Lauren Wright Pittman make up the creative team of A Sanctified Art, LLC.

creative team

Rev. Lisle Gwynn Garrity        

Founder, Creative Director
Pastorist ⋅ Retreat Leader ⋅ Creative Entrepreneur ⋅ Color Fanatic  Mountains Enthusiast ⋅ Live Painter

Lisle Gwynn Garrity (she/her/hers) is a Pastorist (pastor + artist), retreat leader, and creative entrepreneur seeking to fill the church with more color, paint, mystery, and creativity. In the midst of a rapidly reforming church landscape, she is convinced that new models for ministry are emerging all over the place, we just have to be willing to discover and pursue them. She founded A Sanctified Art with the conviction that, in order to thrive, the church needs more creative expression and art-filled freedom.

After many years away, Lisle and her husband moved back to her hometown of Black Mountain, NC.  A graduate of Davidson College, where she majored in English (and unofficially minored in visual art), Lisle has a long history of formal and informal art training. After being offered a wild and unique fellowship to attend seminary, Lisle completed Master’s degrees in Divinity and Practical Theology (with a concentration in worship), all with a sense of wonder and openness to the unique work she is called to offer to the world. She is ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

As a visual artist, Lisle loves to get her hands messy using just about any medium, including paint, clay, charcoal, pastel, fabric, and found objects. She is passionate about re-claiming worship as a sacred form of art and inviting all to participate in creative faith.

Serving the church at-large, Lisle travels widely to share her gifts as an artist and pastor. She loves leading retreats of all kinds, facilitating communal art workshops, speaking on the intersections of art and faith, and creating live worship art and banner commissions for churches.


Creative specialties: painting, drawing, retreat-leading, worship consulting, workshop facilitation, writing, pottery

Street cred: Bachelor of Arts in English, Davidson College; Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Practical Theology (specialization in worship), Columbia Theological Seminary

For hire: retreats (congregational, youth, women’s, art), banner commissions, live worship painting, workshops & seminars on arts & faith, banner creation workshops

Based in: Black Mountain, NC

Check her out:

Rev. Lauren Wright Pittman              

Founding Creative Partner, Director of Branding
Artist ⋅ Graphic Designer ⋅ Visual Exegete ⋅ Workshop Leader ⋅ Pantone Enthusiast ⋅ Doodler

Lauren (she/her/hers) is an artist, graphic designer, and seminarian. She studied Media Design at Middle Tennessee State University, worked as a wetlands advocate in Southern Louisiana, and went to seminary to piece together her passions for artistic expression, design, and Creation Care. While in seminary, Lauren found a passion for seeking after God and processing scripture through visual exploration. She uses canvases to image the tension, joy, sadness, beauty, and energy she experiences in scripture texts.

 Lauren spent much of her life trying to find her voice. The visual arts offered her a holy space to ask questions, take risks, and make bold statements. Her paint brush, acrylic paints, sharpies, and colored pencils became mediums for liberation, helping set her voice free. Once she began this journey in visual self expression, she became determined to create spaces where others could find this freedom and find their own voice, whether it be in the act of creating, in liturgical arts, or in visual meditative practices like Visio Divina.

Lauren is available for banner and painting commissions, logo and print design, theologically-grounded coloring pages, and Visio Divina workshops. To check out more of her artwork, visit


 Creative Specialties: painting, drawing, logo & print design, workshop facilitation

Street Cred: Bachelor of Science in Journalism & Media Design, Middle Tennessee State University; Master of Divinity, Columbia Theological Seminary

For hire: banner & painting commissions, logo & print design, meditative coloring pages, Visio Divina workshops

Based in: Anderson, SC

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Rev. Sarah Are                 

Founding Creative Partner
Creativist ⋅ Extrovert ⋅ Foodie ⋅ Craftivist ⋅ Musician ⋅ Coffee Shop Junkie ⋅ Optimist

Sarah (she/her/hers) is a youth pastor, food blogger, and optimist. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Social Work, and holds a Master of Divinity degree from Columbia Theological Seminary.

Sarah is a cradle-born Presbyterian, raised on sweet tea and in church pews. She re-microwaves her coffee every morning, and treasures books like pocket-sized art. Throughout Sarah’s life she has surrounded herself in the church, pouring her energy into acts of activism and creativity. This journey has led her down many beautiful and wild paths, including that which led her to A Sanctified Art.

Sarah’s first practice in leading retreats—the innovation birthplace for creative and unique ministry—began in high school with the Massanetta Middle School Conference and Montreat Youth Conference Planning Team.  Since then she has had the opportunity to serve as a keynoter for Presbyterian Women and the Montreat youth conference, as well as middle school and high school presbytery retreats.  Additionally, she has led workshops at Massanetta Springs Conference Center, Montreat College Conference, and the NEXT Church Conference. These experiences have allowed for her to cultivate her voice as a ‘creativist,’ engaging her energy and passion for creative and kinesthetic worship and faith formation.   

 Sarah loves to combine her love of all things creative with her passion for God. She believes that the church has a responsibility to open every door to God, so that those of us who are visual, kinesthetic, or relational learners all have equal opportunity to engage God to the fullest of our abilities. Sarah feels called to live her life welcoming people into the church by using her energy and passion for beautifully scripted words, raw and relevant liturgy, and hands-on worship experiences to engage our longing for God and the need for justice in this messy world.

Creative specialties: Craftivism, liturgy writing, bible concept maps, video design and editing

Street Cred: Bachelor of Science in Social Work, Virginia Commonwealth University; Master of Divinity, Columbia Theological Seminary

For hire: Workshops on Craftivism (Craft + Activism), creative liturgy writing, creative worship planning consultation, general keynoting and workshop leading for all ages

Based in: Dallas, TX

Check her out: Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church

Hannah Garrity                

Founding Creative Partner
Liturgical Artist ⋅ Teacher ⋅ Banner Creator ⋅ Visual Choir Director ⋅ Developer of Creative Confidence ⋅ Mother Extraordinaire

Hannah (she/her/hers) is an artist and an athlete, a daughter and a mother, a facilitator and a producer, a leader and a teammate. Her hobbies and her professions are one and the same. The joy in her life is deep and wide. Trained in art at Cornell University, in teaching at Pace University, in reformed theology through her work at the Montreat Conference Center, Hannah is called by God to blend her talents. She is an art teacher at Powhatan School in Boyce, Va, Sunday school visual choir facilitator at First Presbyterian Church in Winchester, Va, art in worship workshop leader wherever she is called, and liturgical installation artist at the Montreat Conference Center, Montreat, NC.

Hannah passionately believes that in God’s images we were each born to create. In all facets of her professional work as an artist, she strives to lift up and support the innate ingenuity of each person in the studio. She is a developer of creative confidence.

Hannah wants to lead your church art team or visual choir in beginning, or forwarding the presence of creation in your congregational community, and is available to design and produce commissioned, text-based, varied media installations or banners.


Creative specialties: painting, drawing, printmaking, liturgical art leadership training, group art and banner consulting, liturgical art workshop facilitation, pottery

Street cred: Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting at Cornell University; Master of Science in Teaching at Pace University; Liturgical Artist at the Montreat Conference Center (Montreat, NC)

For hire: banner art and installation commissions, banner creation workshops, art Sunday school leadership workshops

Based in: Richmond, VA

Check her out: