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"Before the Fire" Time Lapse film & Visual (Acts 2:1-21)


"Before the Fire" Time Lapse film & Visual (Acts 2:1-21)

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before the fire 1-1.jpg
before the fire-1.jpg
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before the fire 1-1.jpg
before the fire-1.jpg

"Before the Fire" Time Lapse film & Visual (Acts 2:1-21)



Before the Fire
Inspired by Acts 2:1-21
Soft pastel on vinyl fabric
By Lisle Gwynn Garrity

In this short time lapse film, watch the story of Pentecost emerge. Download includes both the worship film and the final visual, "Before the Fire" formatted for print and projection.

Film and visual first created for our 2016 Pentecost bundle.

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Download includes:

  • mp4 time lapse worship film of "Before the Fire" inspired by Acts 2
  • files of the completed image, "Before the Fire" formatted for print and projection
  • pdf doc with the artist's statement and a short visio divina lesson to guide groups in a "divine seeing" practice using the visual and the Acts 2 story

Artist's Statement:

"Red flames and divided tongues of fire—these are the images we are quick to associate with Pentecost. But we can’t forget that, before the Spirit moved through fire and varied languages, She showed up in a howling, violent wind. This piece highlights the disorienting, disruptive force of wind that rips through those who have gathered from every nation, turning what they believed to be just another pilgrimage festival into an event after which everything has changed. Perhaps the work of the Spirit is always just as disorienting as it is unifying, as terrifying as it is beautiful."
—Lisle Gwynn Garrity


  • Worship bulletin cover art
  • Include image as insert in bulletin for worshipers to take home for visual meditation
  • Project image on screen during worship to provide visual interpretation of the text
  • Show the video/image in worship as a visual meditation or visual proclamation of the Word
  • Show video in Sunday School Classes and youth programs, inviting participants to describe what they see and how the art informs their reading of the Acts 2 text


Please include the following information when printing or sharing the art/video:

"Before the Fire" art and film by Lisle Gwynn Garrity | A Sanctified Art LLC |

Purchase grants one-time use license of resource. Please review our licensing guidelines prior to purchase.