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Yoke (9x12) By Hannah Garrity

Original Art

Purchase original art by Lisle Gwynn Garrity, Sarah Are, Lauren Wright Pittman, and Hannah Garrity

Yoke (9x12) By Hannah Garrity

immigration art by hannah garrity
immigration art by hannah garrity

Yoke (9x12) By Hannah Garrity


By Hannah Garrity
Inspired by Isaiah 9:2-7
Watercolor & ink on paper

Shipping to United States only

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From the artist:

These fences surround.These fences divide.These fences protect.These fences tower ominously against the grandeur of God.As Isaiah predicted, Jesus came to free us.We no longer need to fear the people on the other side of these fences.

We need not fear that there will not be enough for everyone. There is enough to share.We need not fear that other people will hurt us or our loved ones. Jesus brought us the framework to build relationships.

God’s children are on both sides of these fences. In this image, God’s grandeur is imagined as the sunset sky. Here, God’s presence is viewed through this fence. Jesus came to us to teach us how to break down these fences of fear that divide us, surround us, and protect us.We must break them down to get to God, for God is in the hearts of the people on the other side of the fence.

—Hannah Garrity