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EMBODIED Lent Bundle (301-600 Members)

Embodied Lent 2018 Bundle

EMBODIED Lent Bundle (301-600 Members)

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EMBODIED Lent Bundle (301-600 Members)


This Lent, we long for a faith that engages all of who we are—mind, body, heart and soul—and invites us to be present in our bodies and in the present moment. We remember the ways Jesus integrated his humanity and divinity to fulfill his radical ministry. Similarly, we too are invited to bring all of who we are to God, to live out the love that chooses to be embodied in us.

This bundle encompasses 7 multimedia resources to stir minds, bodies, hearts, and souls. Inspired by the EMBODIED theme, we have also worked closely from the Revised Common Lectionary scriptures for Lent (Year B). We hope you'll either make this theme your own, adapt it, or ditch it—it's entirely up to you. Since most of our resources are guided by the RCL, we hope they can be applicable to other themes/directions.

This season, may we see, sense, feel, and know the One who stepped into skin and ultimately rose beyond the grave so that everlasting love might live on—so that everlasting love might be embodied in you and me.

 {We consider your purchase a form of patronage to support our work and ministry. To make our resources accessible to congregations of all sizes, we offer tiered pricing on our bundles. Please choose the bundle price you are able to give. Your support makes our ministry possible!}

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