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Art, Faith, and Honest Connection

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Faces of our Faith Art Mobile—How To Create a Fun & Easy Worship Installation

Lisle Gwynn Garrity

As many churches all across the map join us in using our Faces of our Faith materials, we wanted to offer a creative way to help you name the faces of our your own faith communities.

As a team, we crafted this simple art installation using found objects in less than two hours, so we think you can create something like it too. Just follow the steps below or adapt them based on your own materials and ideas—the possibilities are endless!

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Turning Thoughts into Things—wholeheARTed guest, Rev. Nicole Farley

Lisle Gwynn Garrity

Many of us self-proclaimed "artists" and creative types often profess a common creed. EVERYONE'S AN ARTIST, we say—to strangers, to friends, to unknown readers on the internet. Despite the disbelief we're bound to face, we proclaim what we've found to be true: our identity as creators is not determined by WHAT we create, only by the fact that we DO create—being alive is inherently creative.

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DIY | Binding Your Summer Study Journal!

Allison Wehrung

Why use a stapler when you can use a needle and thread?! Binding a paper booklet with string makes it studier than with staples. Plus it looks cool. The Sanctified Art crew recently released a bundle of resources for summer (which, according to the Christian liturgical calendar, is labeled as part of “ordinary time”). The bundle is called Anything But Ordinary (see what they did there?), and the whole thing seems fantastic. But since most of my college-aged congregation is scattered for the summer, I settled for buying an individual copy of the Anything But Ordinary Summer Study Journal.

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