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Art, Faith, & Honest Connection.
We are artists in ministry creating resources for people in ministry.

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Art, Faith, and Honest Connection

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Sarah Are

We sat together at a small urban table by the window, the leaves shuffling down the sidewalk like a fall parade led by the wind. And for two hours my hands stayed clasped around my mug, while Lisle’s hands moving freely through the space—painting pictures in my mind and sketches in her notebook—of this idea she could not name.

We talked about art, about the Spirit, about the church and what She needs. We talked about her training and my lack thereof. We talked about caffeine and seminary courses, and women in ministry. And all along, she was twirling.


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Meditations on Trinity

Lisle Gwynn Garrity

In these ink meditations, artist Hannah Garrity explores the interplay between the three persons of the Trinity. Fluid and free, these abstract dancing figures express movement, intimacy, and connection.

A Trinitarian Call/Response Liturgy

(Feel free to adapt or use this liturgy written by Lisle Gwynn Garrity)

Father, Son, Holy Spirit,

God is both three and One, many in unity.

But how can it be?

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7 Creative Resources for Pentecost

Lisle Gwynn Garrity

Below is an overview of all of the resources we have created for Pentecost.

Even if you have your eye on one or two of the resources, our vision is for you to incorporate the entire bundle of resources into your ministry to:

  • engage all learning styles and abilities
  • provide options for children and youth to actively participate during worship
  • foster connection and relationship-building within your community
  • welcome all, through engaging visuals and creative opportunities, to join you in your worship and ministry
  • invite everyone to see and experience Pentecost in new light
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