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Advent 2018 Infographic

For 2018, our Advent theme is . . . Draw Near.

PS: View our Draw Near Advent Bundle HERE!

This theme emerged for us in our group study of this year's RCL texts, particularly the gospel texts for each week. It helps us name our individual and collective longing for God's closeness and for a world made new.

If you use our Advent Draw Near theme, we've developed an infographic to help you flesh out your plans for the season. Print it out, bring it to your committees or worship planning teams, and scribble all over it with your thoughts and ideas! As you will see, the infographic includes details about our theme and the resources we're creating. Since most of our resources can be used in worship, we've also fleshed out some programming ideas to help you think creatively about the season of Advent as a whole.

If you are not using our Advent theme, perhaps this will get you in the planning brainspace and offer a bit of inspiration to get you started!

infographic banner.jpg