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Licensing Terms

Licensing details for purchasing digital art and resources in your ministry context.

Licensing Guidelines

Most of our resources are digital so that they are widely accessible, affordable, and easy to put into action right away.

Please abide by the following guidelines when using our resources so that we can continue to offer our creative work digitally:

Copyright Statement:

All artwork, digital resources, and images on this site are the sole property of A Sanctified Art. Purchasing and downloading files of art and resources does not grant ownership of art. Downloads constitute permission for one-time use only. 

What grants one-time use? Since the majority of our patrons are clergy and leaders of worshiping communities, we define one-time use as one specific event, occasion, worship service, or Liturgical season. Since many of our resources are for liturgical seasons, you are permitted to use the digital resources multiple times within the confines of one Liturgical season, but you must purchase a new license to utilize the resources for additional occasions, events, or Liturgical seasons.

You may NOT:

- reproduce SA digital resources for profit or monetary gain without permission.

- share or use images & resources in other contexts (beyond your local ministry) without permission.

-share purchased digital files with non-patrons. Sharing files internally within patron congregation or institution is permitted during the time period of one-time use purchase.

- use resources for more than one occasion without purchasing a new one-time license. Downloads of digital resources grant permission for one-time use. Please purchase again for permission to utilize resources for multiple occasions.

- modify images/resources in any way, or remove SA credit information or logo.

- incorporate images into a logo, trademark, or service mark without permission.

-upload and share unwatermarked worship films and videos to your church or personal social media accounts. You are more than welcome to share our videos with your congregation online, but please use the watermarked versions we make available on youtube and vimeo.

Acceptable uses of SA digital resources (with purchase):

- on printed and projected resources used in worship services, educational events, and ministry programs (i.e. bulletins, Sunday School publications, powerpoint presentations, etc.).

- in print and digital communications for your worshiping community (i.e. newsletters, emails, weekly updates, etc.)

- on your worshiping community's website social media platforms (with credit)

If you use SA resources for one of the above uses, you do not need to contact SA for permission.

Credit lines:

- specific credit information is included with purchase of each resource. Please refer to specific crediting information for each individual resource.

- generally, when printing or sharing images/resources online, use the credit line:

[title of image, artist's name] © A Sanctified Art

- when possible, include a reference or link to

- when sharing on social media, please tag @sanctifiedart in your posts.

Other uses:

If there are other ways you would like to use our images and resources, please contact Lisle Gwynn Garrity to request permission and, if possible, negotiate a different licensing agreement with additional compensation.

The following are ways our resources may be used with further permission:

- conference posters and promotional materials

- t-shirts and merchandise

- books, magazines, journals, and other publications

- commercial banners used for advertising (different than liturgical art banners used for worship)

- greeting cards, notepads, stickers

- calendars

- logos and identifying trademarks

You must ask permission for any of the above uses.



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