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7 Creative Resources for Pentecost

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Art, Faith, and Honest Connection

7 Creative Resources for Pentecost

Lisle Gwynn Garrity

How can we be both artists and pastors?"

"How can we help churches find the freedom and resources to get more creative?"

"How can art play a role in shaping the church anew?"

For months, these were the questions that kept showing up in our conversations. We couldn't let go of them, and they wouldn't let go of us.

When the four of us "Creative Collaborators" first teamed up, these questions began to take shape into big ideas and plans, which led us to take action and get busy. Just a few months later and we've launched some of these big dreams out into the world.

We're still just getting started, but every step forward in this journey feels like a small whisper of an answer to those questions we couldn't stop asking not so long ago.

Our prayer is that these resources can be tools to help you get creative in your own specific context.

We are not interested in creating products for consumption;

we're hoping to partner with you to discover new possibilities to connect and engage in our ever-changing Church.

Join us in this journey. There's room for you too in all these big dreams and plans.

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Below is an overview of all of the resources we have created for Pentecost.

Even if you have your eye on one or two of the resources, our vision is for you to incorporate the entire bundle of resources into your ministry to:

  • engage all learning styles and abilities
  • provide options for children and youth to actively participate during worship
  • foster connection and relationship-building within your community
  • welcome all, through engaging visuals and creative opportunities, to join you in your worship and ministry
  • invite everyone to see and experience Pentecost in new light

1. Banner Design Template (w/ Creative Curriculum) 

What: Template for you to draw, paint, or color a large banner and/or coloring poster. Creative curriculum (to guide you through the process) included.

For: People of all ages to join together to create art for your sanctuary space.

Created by: Hannah Garrity

"The main layout is inspired by the feelings of fear and terror that must have been felt when fire and wind swirled into the room (Acts 2:2). A figure is dwarfed by fiery line, shape, and pattern. The motion of the lines are inspired by the sending of your spirit (Psalm 104:30) and God pouring out her Spirit (Acts 2:17,18). Within the windy fire, patterned images of flames, dreams, darkened suns, and blood red moons are drawn from Joel’s prophecy of the last days (Acts 2:17-21). The figure in the corner represents the self, and the idea that it is through our choice to suffer with Jesus that we may become sibling to Christ, joint heirs of God (Romans 8:17)."-Hannah Garrity

Watch artist Hannah Garrity and her son paint a vibrant, unique banner for Pentecost. Banner design by Hannah Garrity. 


2. Worship Meditation Film

What:Through the use of time lapse film editing, this video interweaves text, image, and sound to tell the story of Pentecost in a meditative, evocative way.

For: Use in your worship as part of the scripture reading or sermon, or as an opening visual meditation. If you don't utilize screens in your worship, show the video in your Sunday School offerings, and/or include it in your social media and church communications platforms to invite people to your Pentecost services.

Created by: Lisle Gwynn Garrity

"Red flames and tongues of fire--these are the images we are quick to associate with Pentecost. But we can’t forget that, before the Spirit moved through fire and many tongues, She showed up in a howling, violent wind. We can't forget that, before there was unity, there was chaos; before there was shared understanding, there was confusion and fear; before there was hopeful promise, there was the threat of destruction. Perhaps the work of the Spirit is always just as disorienting as it is unifying, as terrifying as it is beautiful." -Lisle Gwynn Garrity

Art by Lisle Gwynn Garrity Preview of worship meditation film included in Pentecost Bundle.


3. Graphic Icon

What: Graphically-designed icon visually communicating the Spirit's presence in the elements of wind, water, and fire, and flame.

For: Incorporating on your website, or in your communications platforms and print publications as a visual symbol of your Pentecost worship services and ministry opportunities.

Created by: Lauren Wright Pittman

"The Pentecost narrative comes to life through vivid imagery of violent wind and tongues of fire. This icon focuses on the elemental nature of the imagery in the text, including swirling water imagery which echoes the prophesy of Joel, 'In the last days it will be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh' (Acts 2:17)."-Lauren Wright Pittman


4. Creative Written Liturgy

What: Beautifully-scripted words for an entire service. Some of the liturgy invites worshipers to pray through movement and action.

For: Implementing or adapting into your Pentecost service.

Created by: Sarah Are

"You gave us sunsets and speckled eggs, tiny newborn hands, and silver moons, so that we could know what beauty looks like. You gave us major keys, and harmonies, forgiveness and poetry, so that we could know what love sounds like. You gave us hands to build, fire to warm, water to clean, and food to fill, so that we could know what peace feels like. You gave us hearts to give, minds to hope, hands to serve, and mouths to pray, so that we know what your Kingdom loves like. . . ." [excerpt]

-Sarah Are


5. Meditative Coloring Page


What: Meditative mandala based on Acts 2:1-21. From the center outward, each layer of the mandala corresponds to aspects of the Pentecost story.

For: Printing as a bulletin insert or coloring poster to invite children and adults to color and meditate on the passage's themes and visuals.

Created by: Lauren Wright Pittman

"The circles in the middle represent those gathering from many nations around one table for the feasting holiday of Pentecost. From there, wind turns into flames as the Spirit moves through the crowd. Flowers, representing new life, connect them in a larger circle as they begin speaking the same language, yet in many tongues. Bonded by their new heart-shaped connections, they spiral back out to many nations, to share with others the radical peace and unity that all began with just one table, with just one simple meal."
-Lauren Wright Pittman


6. Bible Concept Map


What: Illustration of Acts 2:1-21 that visually maps out the major concepts and themes of the Pentecost story.

For: Printing as a bulletin insert or coloring page to help children and adults better commit the scripture to memory.

Created by: Sarah Are

"Bible Concept Maps are based on the knowledge that many of us are visual learners, and that the reading of scripture is of the utmost importance in worship. This map, which depicts an illustrated image for every major move in the scripture, is designed to aid in the hearing and retention of scripture. The hope is that this tool can be studied while scripture is read, helping to keep readers engaged in the text, opening their eyes to key aspects of the text, and helping them retain the text for a longer period of time."
-Sarah Are

7.Bulletin Cover Art

What: Pastel visual art highlighting the disorienting, yet unifying work of the Spirit through both wind and fire in Acts 2: 1-21. This is the final product of the art featured in the worship meditation film.

For: Printing as your bulletin cover art and/or utilizing as visual meditation in your worship and/or communications platforms.

Created by: Lisle Gwynn Garrity

"A howling wind and flames of fire blow through the gathering of Jews from all nations, disorienting and disruption what they thought would be just another pilgrimage festival."-Lisle Gwynn Garrity

As creators, we have all gained so much value from these resources. They bring the text alive in active, engaging, and thought-provoking ways. We hope you come to love them just as much as we do.

Happy creating!