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Reign Like Rain 9x12) by Lisle Gwynn Garrity

Original Art

Purchase original art by Lisle Gwynn Garrity, Sarah Are, Lauren Wright Pittman, and Hannah Garrity

Reign Like Rain 9x12) by Lisle Gwynn Garrity

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Reign Like Rain 9x12) by Lisle Gwynn Garrity

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Lisle Gwynn Garrity
Reign Like Reign
Acrylic paint & soft pastel on paper
9" x 12"

Psalm 72 pleas for a king who, like Yahweh, will reign with justice and honesty, caring especially for the poor. A meditation on the image of the king ruling "like rain that falls on freshly cut grass," this abstract emotes the feeling of running one's hands through soft grass in fresh rain. In the midst of our current election season, this image for political leadership is especially captivating.

Unframed. Acrylic & soft pastel on basic watercolor paper. Image size: 7" x 10".

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Please help the king

From the artist:

"I was reading Psalm 72, which pleas for a king to lead honestly, with special care for the poor and suffering, and paused when I reached these lines: 'May the king be like the refreshing rains, which fall upon fields of freshly mown grass— like showers that cool and nourish the earth.' I was instantly moved by the poetry of that imagery and its ability to communicate exactly what we so desperately need in our nation today. With paints and pastels in hand, I quickly worked to capture the feeling of rain kissing the plains, of water replenishing the dry and ravaged cracks in our world. 
In these post-election days, our ancestors' prayers continue to fall from our lips. May our leaders lead like rain that nourishes the earth. May they have compassion for the poor and the suffering. May they work for peace 'until the moon falls from the sky.'" —Lisle Gwynn Garrity

to be honest and fair

just like you, our God.

2 Let him be honest and fair

with all your people,

especially the poor.

3 Let peace and justice rule

every mountain and hill.

4 Let the king defend the poor,

rescue the homeless,

and crush

everyone who hurts them.

5 Let the king live[a] forever

like the sun and the moon.

6 Let him be as helpful as rain

that refreshes the meadows

and the ground.

7 Let the king be fair

with everyone,

and let there be peace

until the moon

falls from the sky.

Lord God of Israel,

we praise you.

Only you can work miracles.

19 We will always praise

your glorious name.

Let your glory be seen

everywhere on earth.

Amen and amen.
-Psalm 72