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Art, Faith, & Honest Connection
We are artists in ministry creating resources for people in ministry

Art, Faith, & Honest Connection

We make art & creative resources for church leaders and spiritual seekers

We are a team of four artists in ministry who create multimedia resources for worshiping communities of all shapes and sizes. We work collaboratively to bring scripture and theological themes to life through film, visual art, curriculum, coloring pages, liturgy, graphic designs, and more. Our mission is to support churches with practical resources to get creative beyond the barriers of limited funds, expertise, and time.

We founded A Sanctified Art with dreams to fill the Church with more art, inspiration, creativity, and God-breathed mystery. We believe creativity has the power to counter narratives of scarcity and "dying church" prophecies. We believe art can open our eyes to possibilities unimagined. We believe our faith can only fully come alive when we engage our WHOLE self and senses.

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Creative Team

  Lisle Gwynn Garrity   Founder, Creative Director

Lisle Gwynn Garrity
Founder, Creative Director

  Sarah Are   Creative Collaborator

Sarah Are
Creative Collaborator

  Lauren Wright Pittman   Creative Collaborator

Lauren Wright Pittman
Creative Collaborator

  Hannah Garrity   Creative Collaborator

Hannah Garrity
Creative Collaborator

I have always struggled to accommodate the smaller percentage of contemplative types in a congregation. Your work is a natural for them AND is a great invitation for others to invite the holy into their devotional time by using difference senses.  PLUS I know a mom that enjoys a special time with one of her children who enjoys coloring so they share this. Very cool!
— Rev. Nancy Fitzgerald, Pastor, Arlington Church of the Brethren

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